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One Size No Longer Fits All in Composites

By Steve Luby, Vistagy When high-performance composites first emerged several decades ago in the aerospace industry, the question was, “Can ...

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Functional Prototyping of Embedded Devices

Virtual simulations are certainly valuable, but you are basically operating on the conceptual level. Ultimately, you have to test designs in the real world.

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State of the Art: LCD Desktop Monitors

Widescreen is standard as TFT active matrix LCDs are nearly ubiquitous, but the 16:10 aspect ratio might be completely eliminated by a standard 24-in. 16:9 ratio soon.

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FEA: Behind the Scenes of Machines

Multi-disciplinary analysis with Abaqus, ANSYS, Algor, NEi Nastran, NX, and SimXpert FEA smoothes design of manufacturing machinery.

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Analysis Aids in Heart Valve Design

Simulation of prosthetic heart valves has become so essential that researchers have invented a Latin phrase for it: in silico.

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Reconnecting Design & Manufacturing

By formally restructuring and enabling the symbiotic relationship between design and manufacturing, manufacturing process management tools enhance productivity.

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