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24-in. Monitor Increases Productivity for Enterprise

By DE Editors

NEC Display Solutions of America (Itasca, IL) announced the extension of its MultiSync 70 Series with the introduction of the MultiSync LCD2470WVX 24-in. widescreen display, designed for enterprise and performance-minded users who need advanced technology, and exceptional brightness, color, and contrast.

TheLCD2470WVX monitor comes with No Touch Auto Adjust and NaViSetT software that allows for screen adjustments via the computer mouse. The unique Dynamic VideoMode has five settings (Standard, Text, Photo, Gaming and Movie), which allow the user to set the monitor to a specific setting to best meet the application needs.

Incorporating Ambix dual analog and digital input technology, the display is certified with Windows Vista PREMIUM and features Advanced Dynamic Video Mode.

In addition to featuring a thin bezel suitable for multiple-monitor configurations, the MultiSync LCD2470WVX monitor incorporates a four-way ergonomic stand so users can quickly adjust display height, tilt, swivel, and pivot orientation (from landscape to portrait) to suit preferences, applications, and environments.

The LCD2470WVX includes Ambix Technology, which supports digital and analog inputs; XtraView enables users to see an accurate image from off-axis viewing angles; No Touch Auto Adjust eliminates the hassle of adjusting screen controls when connecting the display to a new system.

Also, the MultiSync includes a four-way ergonomic stand including height adjustment, pivot, swivel and tilt, allows greater comfort and caters to individual preferences, ultra-thin frame bezel, a five-setting Dynamic VideoMode (DV-Mode) that enhances contrast and brightness, cable management that organizes and creates clean work space, Windows Vista Premium Certified HDCP for enhanced graphics and text, standard three-year limited warranty including backlight, and 24/7 NEC support.

For further details, contact NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. http://www.necdisplay.com/protectyourimage.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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