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3-Axis CNC Routers for Sheet Work

By DE Editors

The new SR Series Sheet Routers from Haas Automation, Inc. (Oxnard, CA) are affordable solutions that provide expansive capacity in lighter-weight, gantry-style, 3-axis CNC machines.

The SR-100, with 100-in. x 52-in. x 8-in. (xyz) travels, easily accommodates 4-ft. x 8-ft. sheets of material; the larger SR-200, with 148-in. x 76-in. x 8-in. (xyz) travels, handles sheets up to 6-ft. x 12-ft. Both machines accept ISO standard G-code programming through the user-friendly, full-function Haas CNC control.

Each SR Series router comes with a 24,000-rpm, 5-hp (continuous) 30-taper spindle for cutting and drilling various plastics, sheet metals, and other light materials. High-productivity options include high-speed machining with look-ahead, a hard disk drive with Ethernet interface, a remote jog handle and full 4th-axis capability. An optional 10-pocket automatic tool changer is available for unattended operation using multiple tools.

The open-frame design of the SR Series machines allows users to design their own table and fixturing specifically to meet their individual needs; the standard configuration includes a 15-in. color LCD monitor and USB port.

For more information, contact HAAS Automation, Inc.

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