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3D/CAD Software for Engineers, Architects, and Project Managers

By DE Editors

In Situ Simulation (ISS 3D; Montreal, Canada) announces ISS Foresight v6.5, professional 3D CAD software to facilitate the work of those who design and develop large-scale, complex land development projects such as targeting the best location for a wind-turbine project or selecting the most economical and ecological path for a highway.

Because such examples of land development projects require time, attention to detail, and public approval, ISS Foresight can be used to design and view a project in 3D real-time, allowing 3D conception to become an integral part of land development project from its initial concept up to its final completion.

Using ISS Foresight, the public can see and understand the impact of a project in its proper environment. ISS Foresight incorporates a series of benefits that are both operational and economic, giving the user true added value. They are rapid prototyping of several variables from a single project; full database of 3D elements and forestry ecosystems, optimized for real-time viewing and design; and faster iteration process, so you can make successive enhancements to the project until it takes on its final shape.

ISS Foresight is designed to be used directly by land development professionals. There is no need to be a 3D specialist or to take lengthy training. The software uses a user-friendly and intuitive approach; the operations are performed in 2D and automatically transposed into 3D.

In Situ Simulation (ISS 3D) http://www.iss3d.com

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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