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3D Meshing

By Sara Ferris

VRMesh (Seattle City, WA) released VRMesh v4.0, a free-form 3D mesh modeler for arbitrary triangle meshing. For reverse engineering, the software includes a point-cloud processing module with editing tools such as smoothing, decimation, and merge. A LOD (level-of-detail) display module speeds up processing of very large data sets.

Rapid prototyping capabilities are augmented by the ability to combine multiple objects into a single watertight object and new mesh editing commands such as glue two objects. Conceptual design tools include stamp texture, scratch brush, tail brush, and deform by widget.

VRMesh is available in three configurations: VRMesh Studio (US$895) for point-cloud processing and mesh modeling; VRMesh Reverse (US$695) for turning point-cloud data into a meshed model; and VRMesh Design (US$495) for conceptual design and STL mesh repair and editing. A free evaluation version is available for download at www.vrmesh.com.

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