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3D-Pioneer Systems Launches Appaloza Cloud Service

3D-Pioneer Systems is launching the alpha build of Appaloza, and e-commerce cloud marketplace created to provide designers and customers with a secure repository and virtual marketplace to store, edit, buy and sell original 3D designs.

The cloud platform will enable users to log in, upload or buy designs, view, edit and send designs directly from the cloud to their printer. Users will also be able to order prints using different materials such as plastic, ceramic, titanium, gold, and stainless steel via an affiliated third-party printing bureau.

Users will have the ability to track analytics on their designs, to rate sellers, to review and comment on designs. The will also be able to slice, edit and print designs directly from Appaloza to their 3D printer.

“Appaloza, by the nature of it being created as a cloud platform, it is anticipated to stream data directly to a 3D printer, allowing customers to download the original 3D files,” said Alexander Tsingos, 3D-Pioneer systems CEO. “This model is being designed to ensure that a single print of an object will not expose the user’s source file. Appaloza is intended to allow artists the ability to manage their own virtual e-commerce store and sell their original 3D design files directly to customers.”

The alpha build of Appaloza will focus on testing and user feedback on the primary functionality of the streaming printing. E-commerce transactions and financial services will follow in the beta and final stages of release.

For more information, visit 3D-Pioneer Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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