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3D Scan Data Processing

By DE Editors

INUS Technology (Seoul, South Korea) released Rapidform XOS2/Scan, formerly a companion product to its XOR/Redesign and XOV/Verifier software. XOS2/Scan is now a stand-alone software application for the creation of mesh and surface models from 3D scan data.

XOS2 processes point cloud data, creates watertight meshes, and generates high-quality NURBS surfaces. These functions were once exclusive to INUS’s XOR/Redesign product, which builds editable, parametric solid models. XOS2 features a new Mesh Buildup Wizard that processes raw, unaligned point clouds into complete, watertight meshes. An automatic mesh-to-NURBS feature helps with surface generation. 

Also included in XOS2 is liveScan, a real-time scan data acquisition tool. The liveScan function connects Rapidform to 3D scanner technology from Creaform, Z Corporation, Konica Minolta, Perceptron, Kreon, Leica, and Faro.

Simon (Seockhoon) Bae, CEO of INUS Technology, says, “We see similarity with the CAD market, which has surface modelers, solid modelers, and hybrids that combine both. Some companies need only surface modeling tools, while others require both surfacing and parametric solid modeling in one software package.” He continued, “XOS2 is analogous to the surface modelers. It is for those that have no need to perform redesign on parametric solids. XOR is analogous to the hybrid modelers. It combines mesh and NURBS surface creation with parametric solids generation.”

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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