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3D Systems Introduces New SLA Nanocomposite

By DE Editors

3D Systems’ Viper Pro SLA System

3D Systems Corporation (Rock Hill, SC), a provider of 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing solutions, announced that American Precision Prototyping (APP) of Tulsa, OK, has added a Viper Pro SLA System to its fleet of 3D Systems’ large-part manufacturing systems.

This state-of-the-art system enables customers to consistently and economically mass-customize and produce high-quality, end-use parts, patterns, wind tunnel models, functional prototypes, fixtures, and tools. Delivering strong parts with unprecedented surface smoothness, feature and edge definition and tolerances, the Viper Pro SLA System’s precision accuracy rivals that of CNC-machined plastic parts.

“This system, with its speed, accuracy, superior surface finish, and expanded build envelope, is an excellent example of rapid manufacturing equipment design at its finest,” said Jason Dickman, APP president. The Viper Pro SLA will add several features to APP’s already long line of 3D Systems products, said Dickman. “We can now create parts over 20 inches in one piece and have better sidewall quality. Small features on bigger parts are better, more accurate, and crisp. We can manufacture low-volume production runs faster. By running Accura 25, part supports are easier to remove and there is less post-processing. Overall, we have added tremendous capacity to the APP shop and can now process more next-day and same-day SLA orders.”

PP, a 3D Systems’ preferred service provider (PSP), provides fast, high-quality rapid prototype and rapid manufactured parts, instant online quotes and innovative manufacturing solutions. This industry-leading service bureau runs multiple SLA Systems using 3D Systems’ Accura Materials as well as SLS Systems using DuraForm Materials from 3D Systems. Dickman said that with the ability to build larger parts, APP will be able to attract more aerospace customers, provide improved artistic re-creations from digital scans, and make larger architectural models. Service bureaus that do not own a Viper Pro can outsource to APP.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website

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