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3DynaFS CFD Software Updated With New Specializations

By DE Editors

Dynaflow announced new developments in its 3DynaFS CFD software suite.  Enhanced general CFD capabilities are now available with specialization in interfacial flows, bubble dynamics, cavitation, two-phase flows, surface waves, ship hydrodynamics, and fluid/structure interaction. 

The software includes five major modules specialized for different application areas.

The 3DynaFS-Bem module is a potential flow solver based on the boundary element method. It is suitable for problems involving liquid/gas interface deformations such as bubble dynamics and hydrodynamics.

3DynaFS-Vis is a viscous flow solver, which uses an Incompressible Navier-Stokes solver with generalized curvilinear coordinates.  It uses the finite volume method with multi-block structured grids and overset grids, and also includes a Level Set method for two-phase flows, and different turbulence models.

3DynaFS-Dsm is a module to simulate complex flows involving separation areas and particle tracking dynamics including bubbly flow. This involves a Discrete Bubble Module and Discrete Particle Module to track bubble dynamics and particle trajectories and their interactions. This module can be coupled with the Bem or Vis modules for simulations of bubble/liquid or particle/liquid two-phase flow.

3DynaFS-Fsi enables the 3DynaFS-Bem module to couple with a six-degree freedom rigid body motion and a third-party structure code using a coupler interface. This allows the study of fluid dynamics problems including the deformation of a nearby structure.

3DynaFS-Comp is a compressible flow solver using Cartesian coordinates.  It utilizes a high-order finite difference method with Level-Set and Mixed-Cell methods for simulations of shock and acoustic waves in multi-materials and multiphase flows. 

For more information, visit Dynaflow.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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