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A PC For Your Ear

Forget all those heads-up, holographic approaches to hands-free computing that put data in front of your eyeballs. Japanese firm NS West has developed a wearable PC for your ear.

Japanese developers have come up with an ear-clip PC. Image: AFP

It looks like a hearing aid, and includes a compass, GPS tracking, a gyro sensor, a barometer, a speaker, and a microphone. It also has infrared sensors that can monitor the movements of your ear as you change facial expressions, allowing hands-free operation. It is battery powered and includes built-in storage, so it could accept software, apps, and files, and includes a pulse monitor and thermometer for health monitoring.

The initial prototype was built at Hiroshima University. The developers expect to have a finished product available by the end of 2015.

You can see a demonstration of the device in the video below.

Source: Daily Mail

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