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A1 Technologies Updates Chameleon Haptic Device Software

By DE Editors

The Chameleon haptic 3D design package from A1 Technologies consists of a Falcon haptic device and Cloud9 software from Anarkik3D. The latest version of the virtual touch 3D modeling system software " Version 2.1 " features new features added and is now available without a time limit on the license.


According to the company, improvements to Cloud9 include:

  • Submesh function that increases the number of triangles in an object’s mesh for better resolution (all triangles or selected areas)
  • Reduce mesh function to decrease the number of triangles in an object’s mesh (all triangles or just selected areas)
  •  Ability to slice an object/objects with a slice plane
  •  Ability to create video clips and the individual frames
  •  Boolean improvement

In addition, previously reported bugs and crashes have been fixed, making this new version more stable. Version 2.1 of Cloud9 also supports OBJ file format with texture mapping import capability.

“Up to now, we have limited the license for Cloud9 to encourage purchasers to update their software (free upgrade) with the next level of functions,” says Ann Marie Shillito of Anarkik 3D. “With Cloud9 V2.1 we feel that we have now achieved a good balance between usability, features and functions, ease of learning, and a non-complex interface that makes fluid creation of objects and mastering the software fun to do. Objects created can be directly 3D printed using .stl, which can also be used to import objects and forms to packages such as Rhino where there are next level functions for further development.”

The Chameleon design package offers users the ability to “touch and feel” the three dimensional qualities of a virtual object. It allows freedom of movement in all directions with flexibility to construct, interact with and manipulate objects within a 3D space, according to the company.

For more information, visit A1 Technologies.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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