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Acron Announces Initial Products for New Microsoft Simulation Platform

By DE Editors

Acron Capability Engineering (Ottawa, Ontario) announced its first two products, called Acron 3D Modeller and Acron ESP HLA Interface, designed for the new simulation platform, Microsoft ESP.

The Acron 3D Modeller allows users to create and optimize 3D Models for their simulation environment. It is a 3D modeling application for real-time visual simulation and includes Serious Games model format import and export capability. Models created with the application can be used directly with Microsoft ESP and the Acron 3D Modeller allows the conversion of other model formats for re-use with Microsoft ESP.

The new Acron ESP HLA Interface released allows simulators to take advantage of the Microsoft ESP platform for immersive learning experiences.

Acron specializes in Information Exchange applications for Command and Control systems and develops Modeling, Simulation and Games technology in Canada and overseas.

The Acron InfoX Information Exchange Architecture allows government and non-government organizations to communicate and exchange information collaboratively. The company provides a full range of services in the three main areas of Live, Virtual and Constructive Simulation and Serious Games.

Acron has technical staff that construct stand-alone or distributed modeling and simulation assets using its own tools, or other commercial tools and can also provide management staff for projects at many different levels.


Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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