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Agilent Announces Eight-Channel RF Measurement Solution for LTE and Beamforming

By DE Editors

Agilent Technologies introduced enhancements to its N7109A multi-channel signal analyzer for emerging multichannel LTE, LTE-Advanced and MIMO RF measurement requirements, including LTE antenna beamforming and LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation.
Our customers are driving the continuously evolving wireless communications technologies and standards, said Mark Pierpoint, vice president and general manager of Agilent’s Software and Modular Solutions Division. The enhanced N7109A platform with up to eight measurement channels helps them achieve this, combining its multichannel capabilities with the 89600 VSA software s new beamforming and carrier aggregation to deliver first-to-market capabilities, allowing LTE designers to fully analyze their next-generation antenna, base station and user equipment.

Using the latest 89600 VSA software release 15, the Agilent N7109A signal analyzer delivers: phase synchronous measurements with up to eight RF channels in a single mainframe; verification and visualization of TD-LTE base station RF antenna beamforming, including Transmission Mode 7 (8×1 single layer using Port 5) and Transmission Mode 8 (8×2 dual layer using Ports 7 and 8); LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation measurements with each channel tuned to a different component carrier, or multiple channels tuned to each component carrier for MIMO signals; simultaneous uplink and downlink measurements; and a correction wizard.

For more information, visit Agilent Technologies.
Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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