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Agilent Extends Complex Modulation Test Solutions to 63 GHz

By DE Editors

Agilent Technologies has released a real-time optical modulation analyzer with a bandwidth of 63GHz. The new instrument allows researchers to characterize the latest coherent receivers and ultrafast transmitters with a sample rate of 160 GSa/s at 63 GHz electrical bandwidth.
The system is capable of real-time sampling on four channels, each with 33 GHz bandwidth, in a single oscilloscope.
The N4391A real-time optical modulation analyzer offers comprehensive tools to analyze and quantify the integrity of a vector-modulated signal for error-vector magnitude, quadrature error and other impairments. Users can process the raw digitized data coming from the N4391A’s optical coherent receiver using the Microsoft .NET framework and include the results as a user-provided library. For flexible data analysis, customers can include their algorithms in the burst-mode processing system of the N4391A.

For more information, visit Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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