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Agilent Introduces New Family of Waveform Generators

By DE Editors

Agilent Technologies introduced the 33500B Series waveform generators. The eight new one- and two-channel models, which generate waveforms up to 30 MHz, incorporate Trueform signal-generation technology. According to the company, Trueform enables the devices to generate a full range of signals for the measurements required when designing electronic devices.
The 33500B waveform generators provide the low jitter and low total harmonic distortion, giving engineers the ability to generate the signals they need. With better jitter performance, engineers can place edges more accurately, helping them reduce timing errors in their circuit designs. With total harmonic distortion less than 0.04 percent and non-harmonic spurs less than 75 dBc, the 33500B Series offers clean signals that don’t introduce noise, enabling users to get more accurate results.
The 33500B Series’ 8.4-ns rise and fall times and low jitter allow engineers to set trigger points more accurately as well. The instruments’ 16 bits of resolution allows engineers to make output changes down to 1 uV " giving them the ability to test low-voltage circuits and designs.
The waveform summing and combining capability Allows engineers to add noise to signals for margin and distortion testing using only a single channel. On a two-channel model, engineers can sum and combine up to four signals.
Waveform sequencing allows engineers to create multiple configured waveforms with several common segments.  Users can also build long, complex waveforms using minimal instrument memory. Pseudo-random binary sequence pattern generation allows engineers to test digital serial buses by streaming standard PRBS patterns without the need for a separate pulse generator.

For more information, visit Agilent Technologies.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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