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Agilent Technologies Introduces Entry-Level Logic Analyzer

By DE Editors

Agilent Technologies has introduced a lower-priced, entry-level 1.4-Gb/sec state mode option for the Agilent U4154A logic analyzer. The new option combines a state capture speed of 2.8 Gb/sec on 68 channels and 1.4 Gb/sec on 136 channels with scanning at 20 ps and 20 mV resolution, providing reliable capture data on eye openings as small as 160 ps by 160 mV.
Engineers requiring higher state mode data rates can upgrade to achieve state captures of 4 Gb/sec on 68 channels and 2.5 Gb/sec on 136 channels. These capabilities enable engineers to measure the increasingly fast digital signals used in emerging technologies.

The U4154A AXIe-based logic analyzer module and its associated probes and analysis software provide essential capabilities for engineers working with DDR (double data rate) and low-power DDR memory systems, high-speed application-specific integrated chips, analog-to-digital converters and field-programmable gate arrays operating at speeds up to 4 Gb/sec.

The U4154A logic analyzer module is compatible with Agilent s M9502A two-slot AXIe chassis. Multiple modules can be combined on a single time base and trigger sequencer. Multiple modular systems, including Agilent 16900 Series frames, can be combined for time-correlated measurements on multiple buses in a system.
For more information, visit Agilent Technologies.

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