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ALGOR, Inc. Launches Fempro To Compete With Femap

By DE Editors

ALGOR, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) has announced the immediate availability of FEMPRO, which has been designed to compete with the UGS(Plano, TX) FEA modeler Femap in the arena of pre- and post-processingfor NASTRAN-compatible and other finite element analysis (FEA) software.

“FEMPRO is a modern, easy-to-use and complete system with full finiteelement modeling, results evaluation and presentation capabilities,”said Bob Williams, ALGOR Product Manager. “Users build FEA models,which can be processed by a variety of solvers, for the purpose ofperforming mechanical simulation, which is often called virtualprototyping.”

FEMPRO’s features include complete support for leading CAD solidmodeling systems such as NX and Solid Edge from UGS Corp., CATIA andSolidWorks from Dassault Systemes, Pro/Engineer from PTC, and AutodeskInventor and Mechanical Desktop from Autodesk. Additional CAD systemssupported include Alibre Design, IronCAD, KeyCreator, Rhinoceros, andothers. For most systems, FEMPRO provides direct CAD/CAE data exchangeand full associativity with each design change.

The program also features hex-dominant hybrid meshing for automaticmesh generation from CAD. The resulting FE models are populatedprimarily of hexahedral or “brick” elements on the surface for highlyaccurate results and tetrahedral elements for the interior of the modelfor fast solving speed. It also consists of a robust and extensivearray of user interfacing for analyses. These include static stress andMechanical Event Simulation (MES) with linear and nonlinear materialmodels, linear dynamics, fatigue, steady-state and transient heattransfer, computational fluid dynamics, electrostatics, and fullmultiphysics.
Over the past 20 years, FEMPRO was developed as a primary component ofALGOR’s complete FEA system. Beginning in 2002, ALGOR began adding fullNASTRAN compatibility to its software line, including the ability forFEMPRO to create models for NASTRAN processors and to read in theresults from NASTRAN analyses to graphically display result contoursincluding displacements, stresses, mode shapes resulting fromvibration, temperature profiles, and other engineering parameters.

For more information about FEMPRO s ability to help users of other finite element systems, visit algor.com.

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