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Altair HyperWorks 12.0 Student Edition Released

Altair has released HyperWorks 12.0 Student Edition, its computer-aided engineering (CAE) suite for structural and mechanical engineers. The software is free, and extensive learning resources designed especially for students can be found on the Altair Academic Training Center. In addition, Altair provides students on-demand interactive support through the moderated Academic Support Forum.

The addition of solidThinking Inspire for concept generation is an enabler for simulation-based design that incorporates topology optimization, while solidThinking Evolve offers classic industrial design sketching and modeling functionality for the exploration of design alternatives.

Multi-body dynamics has been included with the addition of MotionSolve. RADIOSS is a crash and impact simulation solver, while AcuSolve is a general-purpose computational fluid dynamics solver based on the finite element method. HyperStudy will enable students to run what-if scenarios, correlate test data, optimize difficult multi-disciplinary design problems, and assess design reliability and robustness. Finally, HyperMath offers a flexible programming language with comprehensive math and utility libraries, while HyperCrash provides a robust pre-processing environment specifically designed to automate the creation of high-fidelity models for crash analysis and safety evaluation.

“The addition of multi-body dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, impact simulation, and optimization-based conceptual design is really exciting,” said Matthias Goelke, director, academic markets at Altair. “We wanted to build on the success of the previous student edition, which was immediately adopted by engineering students and faculty members all over the world. This is proof that demand for simulation expertise is increasing in the marketplace, and whatever we can do to increase the availability and utility of our commercial products to students will help them succeed in their future engineering careers.”

The HyperWorks Student Edition also includes access to core HyperWorks commercial technologies that support the complete CAE workflow process for various solution types and applications. These include modeling/pre-processing, linear and non-linear analysis, topology optimization, composites simulation and optimization, results visualization/post-processing, data analysis and plotting, and collaboration tools.

For more information, visit Altair.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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