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Altair Releases PBS Analytics 12.0

Altair announced the release of its redesigned PBS Analytics 12.0 data analysis and visualization tool for high-performance computing (HPC). It offers a new, high-performance database and more robust data collectors, the company says.

The solution incorporates a new chart designer that provides users with more flexibility in creating clean and concise charts. It also offers additional chart options, including XYZ plots, for enhanced visualizations.

It also provides new ways to visualize HPC operations track job and resource use, and perform root-cause analyses. It provides support for utilization charts that show utilization adjusted for configuration of the system, accounting for the addition or deletion of nodes over time. This information can be used to improve overall IT efficiency and justify IT investments by illuminating actual usage and by uncovering usage hot spots, the company says.

It provides the ability to create dashboards and slideshows. Slideshows can include regular charts, dashboards, and even locally created slides and graphics, and cycle through the visualizations in a continuous loop. The solution can stream up-to-date slideshows of HPC metrics to provide highlights and status in operations centers, company boardrooms, or as a showcase in the company headquarters lobby.

For more information, visit Altair.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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