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Analysis and Scripting Solution Upgraded

By DE Editors

Analysis and Scripting Solution Upgraded
Modal correlation and sensitivity analysis of an engine block. Model courtesy of PSA, France, and Dynamic Design Solutions NV.

Dynamic Design Solutions (Leuven, Belgium) recently announced the upcoming release of version 3.5 of its solver- and platform-independent CAE application FEMtools. FEMtools is said to provide an advanced analysis and scripting solution for such areas of interest as structural static and dynamics simulation; verification, validation and, updating of FE (finite element) models for structural analysis; design optimization such as topology, shape, size, and material; robust design (probabilistic structural analysis); and CAE process integration and automation. In addition to FEMtools for 32-/64-bit Windows, Linux, and Unix systems, version of 3.5 will also be released for the Mac OS 64-bit platform.

Version 3.5, described by the company as a “major release,” introduces new functionality for pretest analysis, correlation analysis, model updating and structural optimization. Additionally, this release is said to extend FEMtools into experimental modal analysis through the introduction of a new add-on for modal parameter extraction.

Dynamic Design Solutions cites the following as the highlights of its version 3.5 release of FEMtools:

  • Numerous extensions to interfaces and drivers with FE programs based on user requests
  • A new add-on for polyreference modal parameter extraction from FRFs (frequency response functions) or cross power spectra
  • FRF synthesis from complex modes
  • A new interactive tool for pretest planning
  • Topometry optimization support for discrete parameters
  • Optimization of composite materials
  • Optimization using genetic algorithms
Analysis and Scripting Solution Upgraded
Updating of physical element parameters and modeling of damping using frequency response functions (FRF) directly. Image courtesy of Dynamic Design Solutions NV.

FEMtools is a suite of five tools, each of which is licensed as a standard configuration for various roles. FEMtools Framework serves as an interactive desktop and scripting environment for engineering analysis and CAE process automation while FEMtools Dynamics provides FE solutions for simulating dynamic response and structural modifications. FEMtools Correlation provides a “complete solution” for modal pretest analysis, FE model verification, as well as validation using test-analysis correlation. FEMtools Model Updating provides an integrated solution for structural dynamics simulation, model verification, validation and updating. Finally, the FEMtools Optimization tools provides an integrated solution for structural design optimization.

The suite is available as FEMtools Full Version, which offers an integrated solution for FE model verification, validation, updating and optimization by combining FEMtools Model Updating and FEMtools Optimization tools. Additionally, add-ons enable any FEMtools tool to integrate with such FEA programs as Abaqus, ANSYS, and NASTRAN.

FEMtools 3.5 is due this fall, according to the company. It will be available as a free upgrade to all customers with current maintenance and a technical support contract. For complete details, go to Dynamic Design Solutions.

Analysis and Scripting Solution Upgraded
Modal correlation and updating of an engine block using super-element techniques. Image courtesy of Dynamic Design Solutions NV.

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