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AnalySwift Joins Altair Partner Alliance

The Altair Partner Alliance announced that AnalySwift will join the program and add its complex composite modeling tool, SwiftComp Micromechanics, to the partner applications available to HyperWorks users under Altair’s license manager.

SwiftComp assists with the design and modeling of complex composites to improve structural designs, estimating a structure’s capabilities or engineering a new material with enhanced performance characteristics. The solution accurately calculates a complete set of physical properties in seconds, the company says. It runs only one analysis, which can be done on a typical laptop computer. It obtains a complete set of fully coupled, multiphysical properties without the application of highly crafted load and boundary conditions, postprocessing or multiple runs.

The necessary properties can be calculated by SwiftComp for any heterogeneous material, including layered, binary, fiber/particle reinforced, and woven composites, as well as any other composites created using other manufacturing techniques. This tool also can achieve a complete set of three-dimensional material properties using a one-dimensional analysis of the 1D unit cell for binary composites. It also can analyze other heterogeneous materials, including construction materials, metals, bone and brain tissue, ice and many others.

For more information, visit Altair and AnalySwift.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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