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Android on Your Fridge?

Much has been written about how mobility is influencing the design and engineering of all types of products, not just those that are actually mobile. A case in point is Samsung new T9000 four-door refrigerator, which the company debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show last month. Consumers in the UK will soon be able to buy it. The “smart” refrigerator comes with an Android tablet built into one of the doors that allows owners to share recipes, send grocery lists to mobile devices, and even serve as a “nanny cam.”

Considering I can’t even get the built-in water dispenser in my own fridge to work correctly, I’ve always been a little dubious of smart appliances, but I’ve got to admit this one has some neat features. The Wi-Fi enabled tablet includes recipe and note-taking software (Evernote) that can sync with smartphones. There’s even an app to help keep track of expiration dates. The display can also be used to control the temperature of the refrigerator and manage other settings.

It’s expected to retail for around $4,000.

And if that wasn’t enough, Samsung is also offering a smart washing machine (the WF457) that can wirelessly alert owners when a load is done via their mobile phones. Users can also remotely control the machine with their phones while they’re away from home, and the washer can self-diagnose when there is a malfunction.

In other words, prepare yourself for a future in which your spouse, your children, and even your appliances will pester you via text all day and night. You can see a video below:

Source: The Telegraph

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