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Anoto and ChasmTech Announce SmartInk Redline

By DE Editors

Anoto, a provider of digital writing technology, and ChasmTech, a company focused on field data collection solutions, announced the immediate availability of SmartInk Redline, a digital pen drawing markup solution powered by Anoto Live PDF.
Designed for utilities, architects and engineers who need access to as-built information, SmartInk Redline allows users to markup CAD drawings using Anoto Live technology. It works by generating a PDF document including the field markups and automatically distributes the files by way of the cloud to the extended project team. The solution consolidates all markups ensuring that the owner, engineer, contractor, designer and drafting have immediate access to the most current information regardless of originator, the company says. Drafting staff also have access to as-built information, improving project documentation and minimizing the time and effort required to complete drawings.
“In today’s design and construction environment, managing versions of PDF files is as challenging if not more challenging than managing paper drawings, particularly when the PDF files are widely distributed,” said Lance Maidlow, president of ChasmTech. “Now, with SmartInk Redline, you have a record of the mark ups in a PDF file, and because it can be used with any AutoCAD based product, Revit or MicroStation, the technology can be tailored based on the user’s needs.”
Anoto Live PDF provides the ability to distribute design drawings on paper or as PDF files that can be plotted by third parties. As markups are made with the Anoto digital pens they are consolidated into a single PDF file, permitting designers to review field changes as they occur. The mark ups can be sent by Bluetooth or by docking the pen. Recipients can also be added and removed at any time depending on the phase of the project.
SmartInk Redline automatically reads the Anoto Live PDF files as they are returned and generates AutoCAD drawing exchange format (DXF) files that can be loaded directly into industry standard CAD software including AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit and MicroStation as CAD entities on date-stamped layers.

For more information, visit ChasmTech and Anoto Group.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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