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ANSYS 12.0 Smart Engineering Simulation Launched

By DE Editors

ANSYS, Inc. has announced the availability of ANSYS 12.0, its engineering simulation platform and integrated technology that support simulation-driven product development. Smart Engineering Simulation from ANSYS 12.0 compresses design and analysis cycles, enabling parametric studies and design optimization across multiple physics, increasing the accuracy and completeness of virtual prototypes, and capturing and reusing simulation processes and data, according to the company.
The ANSYS 12.0 software suite supports fast product design and validation in a virtual environment that captures complex and coupled physical phenomena. ANSYS 12.0 promises to allow engineers to access technology to compress their design processes, and to create innovative products both rapidly and cost effectively " while reducing the time and money invested in physical prototype development and testing.
In today s highly competitive markets and challenging economic climate, using virtual prototyping to reduce development costs and time to market is not a choice "it s a requirement, said Jim Cashman, president and CEO of ANSYS, Inc. The pressures of global competition, complex customer requirements and shorter development schedules are forcing engineering organizations to rely on virtual prototyping to get it right the first time "and launch products with a higher probability of market success.
At the foundation of ANSYS 12.0 is the ANSYS Workbench 2.0 platform, a simulation environment that allows engineers to set up, visualize, and manage simulations. The ANSYS Workbench environment captures and automates repeatable processes, providing productivity gains and enabling engineers to arrive at better designs faster. Engineers can investigate multiple what-if scenarios, optimize their designs across multiple physical phenomena, and design for six sigma.
ANSYS 12.0 software allows customers to explore a range of dynamic behavior, from frequency response to large overall motion of nonlinear, flexible multibody systems. The suite encompasses a solver portfolio that spans a range of functionality, from structural mechanics to fluid dynamics to thermal analysis to electromagnetics. The individual capabilities of ANSYS 12.0 are virtually seamless in their connectivity to one another, according to the company.
With the introduction of the fluid flow solver ANSYS FLUENT into the ANSYS Workbench platform, CFD practitioners can now leverage a parametric and persistent modeling environment, and gain access to key enabling technologies such as bi-directional CAD integration, meshing, and post-processing.
Designed for dynamic CAE collaboration, ANSYS 12.0 allows engineering teams to collaborate more efficiently on product design and development. Within a single project, several engineers can assess their designs within individual disciplines or easily coordinate multiphysics simulations. To manage the workflow of a group of engineers and a myriad of projects, ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (EKM) provides process and data management tools that allow engineers to archive, search, retrieve, and report their simulation data. With release 12.0, ANSYS Workbench users can now connect directly to an installed ANSYS EKM data repository designed for enterprise or workgroup requirements, or deploy a single-user version of ANSYS EKM from ANSYS Workbench to manage simulation data on a local machine.
For more information, visit ANSYS, Inc.
Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company s website.

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