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ANSYS Enhances Metal AM Solutions for Aerospace, Biotech, and Automotive Industries

ANSYS is transforming how the aerospace and defense, biotech and automotive industries manufacture metal parts thanks to its new solutions for metal additive manufacturing. The newly released ANSYS Additive Print and ANSYS Additive Suite deliver comprehensive solutions for metal additive manufacturing, enabling users to print lightweight complex metal parts successfully the first time and analyze microstructure properties and behavior. These new ANSYS solutions are said to help limit design constraints, reduce waste and shrink print time.

With ANSYS’ complete additive simulation workflow, by incorporating simulation prior to the printing process, designers can design, test and validate the performance of a part at the design stage even before turning on the printer.

ANSYS Additive Print produces results that demonstrate what will occur during the printing process—informing designers, prior to printing, if a part will fail; and how, where and why it will fail. Simulation prior to printing reduces trial and error and the expensive printing process.

ANSYS Additive Suite enables designers to optimize weight reduction and lattice density; create, repair and clean up CAD geometry; simulate the additive process and conduct structural and thermal analysis for data validation.

“ANSYS is committed to transforming how products are made through additive manufacturing by delivering the most powerful, complete solution in the space,” says Brent Stucker, director of additive manufacturing, ANSYS. “Our technology spurs the efficient creation of parts for some of the world’s most demanding applications, including military machines on foreign soil, spacecraft on other planets and even custom-printed human body parts at hospitals.”

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Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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