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ANSYS Releases Engineering Knowledge Manager 13.0

By DE Editors

ANSYS Engineering Knowledge Manager (ANSYS EKM) 13.0 is a simulation process and data management (SPDM) software product designed to provide solutions for engineers who are challenged with managing vast amounts of data and best practices.

ANSYS Releases Engineering Knowledge Manager 13.0

By managing simulation data and processes using ANSYS EKM technology, ANSYS says companies can more effectively leverage the full power of simulation and capture the expertise of analysts and engineers who contribute to the process. According to the company, the result is shortened time to market and safeguarding and reuse of the simulation’s intellectual property.

ANSYS Releases Engineering Knowledge Manager 13.0

ANSYS EKM 13.0 offers:

  • Tighter integration with ANSYS Workbench with subsystem-based search for ANSYS Workbench projects and the ability to run these projects from within ANSYS EKM for parametric and DOE/optimization studies.
  • Dynamic and workspace-specific configuration via graphical user interfaces.
  • Distributed servers and multiple job submission queues for connecting multiple ANSYS EKM servers, integrating them with ANSYS Remote Simulation Manager (RSM) and launching jobs on multiple queues using an ANSYS EKM server.
  • EKM Desktop and Studio enhancements for access to distributed data and creating simulation workflows; a new process player to manage work items associated with a workflow process in a single dialogue.
  • A Windows Explorer extension that allows Windows users to transfer files between their local computer and ANSYS EKM repositories.
  • Simulation data visualization from within ANSYS EKM using Vcollab technology.
  • Usability and other enhancements such as dashboards, message boards, support for units, filtering of types and attributes in advanced search, combination of text and property-based search, simpler definition of users and groups, catalogs for search-based navigation, etc.
ANSYS Releases Engineering Knowledge Manager 13.0

For more information, visit ANSYS.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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