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ANSYS Releases Icepak 12.0 Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software

By DE Editors

ANSYS Releases Icepak 12.0 Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software
Temperature contours on a micro lead frame plastic quad (MLPQ) package in a natural convection chamber with traces modeled for increased accuracy. Image courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

ANSYS, Inc. (Canonsburg, PA) has released version 12.0 of Icepak, its fluid dynamics technology for electronics thermal management. The 12.0 release introduces new solutions for printed circuit board (PCB) and package thermal analysis, new and enhanced technology for meshing complex geometry, and new physical modeling capabilities.

ANSYS Icepak software accelerates the product development process by simulating the dissipation of thermal energy in electronic devices at the component, board, or system level. Based on the ANSYS FLUENT CFD solver, ANSYS Icepak software has a streamlined user interface that enables electronics design engineers to create models of complex electronic assemblies rapidly, according to ANSYS.

Direct import of electronic CAD (ECAD) designs allows engineers to model all components of packages and PCBs, including, traces, vias, solder balls, solder bumps, wire bonds, and dies. A new PCB trace Joule heating modeling capability, along with the import of DC power distribution profiles from Ansoft SIwave software, enhance the accurate thermal simulation of PCBs. ANSYS Icepak 12.0 also offers enhanced fan modeling capabilities, parallel processing, post-processing, and new libraries including heat sinks, thermo-electric coolers, materials, and enhanced macros.

Two new meshing technologies — automatic multi-level meshing and Cartesian hex-dominant meshing —enhance the software’s ability to handle complex geometries and improve accuracy. New meshing enhancements provide improved mesh smoothness, quality, curvature and proximity capturing, and speed.

ANSYS Releases Icepak 12.0 Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software
Multi-level hex-dominant mesh of a heat sink and fan assembly imported from CAD geometry. Image courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.
ANSYS Releases Icepak 12.0 Fluid Dynamics Simulation Software
Electric potential contours on a printed circuit board trace. Image courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

"With today’s high-performance electronic devices, there is a trend to reduce device size while increasing product functionality. This trend increases power densities in devices, which necessitates that thermal management become a design driver," said Dipankar Choudhury, vice president of corporate product strategy and planning at ANSYS, Inc. in a press statement. “ANSYS Icepak 12.0 addresses the thermal management simulation challenges facing engineers designing electronic components.

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