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Apple Hardware Splash: Nary a Ripple

By Doug Barney

I was excited about the recent announcement of Leopard, the latest Mac operating system from Apple, Inc. of Cupertino. The Leopard features were pretty well known. The real secret was what Apple would do about hardware. Would they announce hot new machines or major price cuts to challenge all those Vista machines you see at Best Buy and Circuit City?

No and no.

Apple is selling the same old computers to run the new OS. It is clear to me that Apple has limited ambitions for the Mac. How else can you explain an $1,100 low-end laptop that doesn’t even have a DVD burner?

Half of me hopes that Apple makes some radical hardware moves before Christmas. The other half of me doesn’t want to part with any of my hard earned cash to buy my kids the new machines I’m sure they’ll ask for.

Here’s how the Apple line looks today: http://www.apple.com/mac/

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