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Apple’s Leopard Strikes on Friday

By Doug Barney

On October 26, Apple Computer, Inc. of (Cupertino, CA) will release Leopard, the latest version of Mac OS X. The new revision has a host of features aimed at home users, artists, and true computer aficionados.

Top items include TimeMachine, a new backup tool that keeps up to date images on an external drive, a desktop that stacks commonly used icons along the right side of the screen, a better Finder, and a beefed up BootCamp with more Windows drivers and the ability to run Windows at full speed (having a dual core Intel processor doesn’t hurt here!).

My concern is that Apple is missing a golden opportunity to go after business customers, enterprises, and engineers. Let’s face it. Vista is now officially a dud. But no one, not desktop Linux and not Mac, are trying to fill the void. Instead of buying Vista, you know what most buyers are getting? XP! Microsoft just can’t lose.

Apple could be aiming the Mac at users frustrated with their PCs. Apple machines are stable (thanks largely to the Mach kernel from Carnegie-Mellon that Apple switched to when it built Mac OS X) and secure (maybe because hackers like Macs, or aren’t interested in attacking machines with miniscule market share). Instead of going after business, Apple is spending millions advertising on television to teens and pre-teens.

No one, it seems, really wants to compete with Microsoft on the desktop. Tell me where I’m wrong by writing to barney@deskeng.com.

I’m personally interested in what Apple does with hardware. Apple laptops, while pretty sweet, are still roughly double the price of comparable Windows models (trust me, I’ve bought a few of both), leaving iBooks and MacBooks mostly in the hands of the Volvos, Merlot, and brie set. I’ll get excited when I see some Chevy, Budweiser, and Velveeta Apple pricing.

Here’s all you need to know about Leopard:


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