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Applied Math Modeling’s CoolSim 3.1 Analyzes Data Centers

By DE Editors

Applied Math Modeling Inc. (Concord, NH) released CoolSim 3.1 for modeling the thermal environment of data centers. CoolSim 3.1 adds many new features for the rapid creation and analysis of data centers, including the ability to model non-raised floor scenarios.

With CoolSim 3.1, users can determine the maximum equipment loading for a given data center, the optimal placement of cooling and/or thermal loads, the effect of failed cooling units, and the opportunity to reduce operating costs by reducing cooling capacity. Features of the new CoolSim 3.1 release include the ability to model raised floor as well as non-raised floor data centers; customized graphics and animations that allow for comparisons between two or more cooling or equipment placement scenarios; and topflow, downflow, and frontflow CRACs, with an extensive library of downflow CRACs from Liebert and DataAire; and graphical depictions of airflow pathlines, iso-surfaces of temperature, and contours of pressure and temperature, with interactive 3D control to pan, zoom, and rotate the view.

CoolSim has an easy-to-use graphical interface that enables users to quickly create a model of their data center. The model is then automatically submitted to a hosted high-performance computing (HPC) cluster for processing using ANSYS/Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technology. Once the simulation is complete, HTML output reports and 3D visual images are produced and sent to the user. This mechanism allows users to perform multiple “what-if” studies of their data centers to determine the optimal placement of existing equipment, or the effect of adding new equipment to an existing room.

CoolSim 3.1 will be demonstrated online at a free webinar scheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd at 2pm ET. To register for the demo, visit Applied Math Modeling Inc.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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