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ASSESS Initiative Launches ASSESS Initiative Membership Program

The ASSESS Initiative Membership Program was launched at ASSESS 2017, the second annual ASSESS Congress on November 2. The Congress is organized by the ASSESS Initiative, a multi-industry initiative with a goal to facilitate enablement to increase availability and effectiveness of engineering simulation that will be open for membership enrollment in early 2018.

The vision of the ASSESS Initiative is to bring together key players, users and developers of simulation software, to guide and influence software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering.

“The ASSESS Initiative was initially a loose collaboration of effort by Cyon Research & intrinSIM,” says Joe Walsh, CEO & Co-founder of the ASSESS Initiative. “ASSESS Initiative LLC was formed in mid 2016 to support the ASSESS Vision and has already organized the ASSESS 2017 Congress, the ASSESS Advisory Committee, and the launch of the ASSESS Membership Program.”

The ASSESS membership program will provide the ability for the ASSESS initiative to expand its efforts beyond the annual congress and will provide the following to members:

  • Access to all ASSESS initiative “deliverable documents” at no charge, including research papers and survey research.
  • Access to ASSESS theme status and update reports, as well as previous ASSESS Congress presentations.
  • Access to ASSESS members only LinkedIn group and the ability to participate in ASSESS related discussions and posts.
  • ASSESS members only newsletter.
  • A $100 discount on the annual Congress registration fee.

The organization says the ASSESS membership program is appropriate for all organizations engaged in analysis, simulation, and systems engineering related to engineered products and processes. The ASSESS membership program will be offered in individual or group memberships as follows:

  • Individual Membership at $200/year
  • Group3 Membership at $500/year (up to 3 members from the same organization)
  • Group5 Membership at $750/year (up to 5 members from the same organization)
  • Group10 Membership at $1,000/year (up to 10 members from the same organization)

For more info, visit ASSESS Initiative.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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