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ATA Ships New Test-Analysis Correlation Toolkit

By DE Editors

Attune 1.0 is the latest offering from ATA Engineering, Inc. (San Diego, CA), a provider of analysis solutions used in mechanical engineering.The company recentlybegan shipping the new software, which uses a MATLAB-based toolkit.

Attune 1.0 works by automating the correlation process, enabling users to rapidlycompare,test, and optimize analysis models to correlateclosely with testdata through a suite of optimization tools. Users can correlate analysis modelsand testdata based on modeshapes, modal frequencies, modal assurance criteria (MAC), orcombinations of these.

Attuneprovides optimization routines available for model updating, includingMonte Carlo, unconstrained quadratic minimization, and gradient-basedand genetic algorithms. The software is designed to enable multipleconfigurations to be optimized simultaneously to improve accuracy andreduce correlation time. Attune is directly compatible with NX Nastranand MSC.Nastran, ABAQUS, I-deas NX, and MTS I-DEAS Pro Test software,and universal data sets.

“In beta testing, a key aerospace customer used Attune to carry outhundreds of real-time correlation iterations during modal testing of alaunch vehicle payload, whereas prior to this they were limited to lessthan a dozen manual correlations a week” remarked Kyle Indermuehle, Manager ofSoftware Products. “This type of productivityincrease can greatly reduce development costs and schedule, improveproduct design, and directly impact the bottom line for our customers.”

More information about Attune can be found athttp://www.ata-attune.com.

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