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Atego Vantage Simplifies Product Line Design

Atego has launched Atego Vantage, the company’s first integrated solution combining Model-based Systems and Software Engineering (MBSE), Asset-based Modular Design (SoS/CBD/SOA) and variable Product Line Engineering (PLE). According to the company, the combination of these three approaches into Model “based Product Line Engineering (MB-PLE) can reduce development costs by 62% and bring 23% more projects in on time.

The Atego Vantage solution includes the Atego Perspective best practice implementation methodology. Atego Perspective combines four modular tools: Atego Modeler, Atego Asset Library, Atego Process Director and Atego Check. The Atego Perspective process is embedded within Atego Process Director and implemented in conjunction with the other Atego Vantage modules, with the end-to-end process supported by Atego’s MBSE and MB-PLE experts.

“Atego Vantage’s integrated approach offers unique benefits to our customers. It simplifies product line design, increases intra-family reuse, and improves both product quality and engineering productivity. Atego Vantage is the ideal solution for iterative and common product development, applying ground-breaking techniques for variant modeling and asset reuse,” said Hedley Apperly, Atego’s vice president of product and marketing.

The core of Atego Vantage and the Atego Perspective process is MBSE, extended with Product Line Modeling and Asset Reuse. Product Line Modeling provides a common product family design with variation for only the specific pieces that differ. The common areas are designed and built using MBSE, variation is handled through Product Line Modeling and feature selection, while the pieces are sources from libraries of sub-system, service and component assets.

For more information, visit Atego.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website. 

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