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DE's editors contribute news and new product announcements to Digital Engineering. Press releases can be sent to them via DE-Editors@digitaleng.news.

Petaflop Performance

WATCH THIS to see how MIT Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center created a 1 petaflop system in less than a month: youtu.be/pyqT3LK8dhg.

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Supercomputing Center unveils Intel-based Dell EMC system to accelerate the nations’ research needs.

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Dell EMC & Intel to Give Supercomputer a 5 Petaflop Boost

Supercomputer JURECA at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC). Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich / Ralf-Uwe Limbach.

The partners will expand upon their experience with the EU-funded Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform (DEEP) and DEEP-ER (Extended Reach) projects to augment JSC’s JURECA cluster with a highly scalable component.

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A Spacewalk on Mars with 3D Printed Technology

High-precision, low-weight and strength attributes can help determine the success of a mission to Mars. 3D printing solutions can meet all these requirements.

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Transforming Ankle Foot Orthosis with 3D Printing

With the help of large-format 3D printing technology via 3D Platform and research conducted by students at Gonzaga University, patients may soon be able to count on 3D printed orthotics that are affordable and produced in a timely fashion.

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PVComplete Rolls Out PVCAD

PVCAD is set up to offer precise solar engineering, as well as an ability to iterate your designs and compare which one is right for each project, according to PVComplete.

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Luxoft Launches Symtavision 4.0

Symtavision 4.0 adds new function-level timing analysis and ethernet network analysis upgrades including SOME/IP and worst-case AVB analysis.

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