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Jim Romeo is a freelance writer based in Chesapeake, VA. Send e-mail about this article to DE-Editors@digitaleng.news.

The Complex Trade

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage has a new Heads Up Display with an integrated management dashboard across off and on premise storage. Image:Dell EMC

High-performance computing is a growing dimension of high-frequency and high-performance trading in financial markets.

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Break Out of the Mold with 3D Printing

The Star Rapid Factory, located in Zhongshan, China, has experience in 3D prototyping and moldmaking for part production. Image courtesy of Star Rapid.

Though 3D printed mold making does have limitations, it offers great potential for improving product cycles from design to fabrication.

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Embedded Emergence

With the advent of IoT, embedded systems should gain much momentum in the immediate future. Images courtesy of MicroEJ.

New design skills and philosophies are needed for IoT-enabled, embedded system design.

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