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Contributing Editor Mark Clarkson is Digital Engineering's expert in visualization, computer animation, and graphics. His newest book is Photoshop Elements by Example. Visit him on the web at MarkClarkson.com or send e-mail about this article to DE-Editors@digitaleng.news.

Is AM Ready for Standards?

It takes some time for an industry to mature to the point where standards become relevant. That time may be coming soon for additive manufacturing.

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Super Sizing 3D Printing

Airbus has announced plans to print an entire airplane by 2050. Is it possible? How far along the path are we?

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Scanning for CAD

There are old engineering drawings stacked, rolled and folded in shops all over the world. How can we best make use of them in the 21st century?

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Geometric DFMPro

Design for manufacturability formalizes rules for designs so that, in theory at least, engineers will design parts that manufacturers can easily make.

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