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Autodesk CAM Solutions to Have Big Presence at IMTS

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Autodesk CAM will have a big presence throughout the McCormick Place convention center during the upcoming International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 in Chicago less than a month from now. You’ll find Autodesk demonstrating its CAM products and participating in the events at the IMTS Education Summit as well as in the Advanced Manufacturing Center. Here’s a quick look at what Autodesk will be up to.

At booth E-3020 you can take in demonstrations and ask questions about Autodesk’s range of CAM solutions. You should make it a point to check this out. Here’s why.

HSMWorks 2014 Machine Simulation Close Up

Back in October 2012, Autodesk scooped up the CAM technology developed by HSMWorks. “Scooped” because it was a brilliant technology acquisition. Today, all Autodesk CAM solutions, including Autodesk’s cloud-based Fusion 360 service, are built on the same HSM CAM kernel, according to the company.

Part of the secret sauce in the HSM CAM kernel is that it was coded from the start to be next generation CAM, so it’s tuned to generate highly efficient machining code and leverage the latest hardware and software innovations. It’s a multi-core 64-bit kernel that supports distributed computing. It handles large models and complex toolpaths, and its post-processor can generate CNC (computer numerically controlled) code at speeds of up to 400,000 lines of code per second. By the way, that post-processor is customizable, which means you can modify your post-processing code for a better fit with your CNC machine.

Another secret ingredient is integration. The HSM CAM kernel seamlessly integrates CAM capabilities with Autodesk Inventor or SolidWorks. So, whether you’re a designer, an engineer, or an old hand at G-code (CNC) programming, HSM technology provides a fully integrated design to manufacturing workflow that promotes efficiency as well as collaboration across design, engineering, and production teams.

Integration, of course, also means that your training costs are low since you’re working in a CAM environment that “feels” like your CAD environment. But more importantly, it means things like model associativity so that design changes get updated on toolpaths instantly. And it means no more productivity wasters like file import/export and translations for machining. All of which enhances efficiency and streamlines data management.

To further conserve resources and help you manufacture and deliver high-quality finished parts to market faster, Autodesk CAM solutions come with features like advanced toolpath strategies that help minimize tool travel and overall cycle times. It has simulation and verification tools, and the CNC editor provides NC (numerical control) functions and templates.

Autodesk CAM software will be on display and in use during the IMTS Education Summit and at the Student Summit (booth C-853). Now, Autodesk has long collaborated with universities, colleges, technical schools, and trade schools to promote machining and CAM to students and adults looking towards a career in manufacturing. At IMTS 2014, the Autodesk Education Team will showcase additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies and its programs for the education community. During the CAMMania competition, student participants will compete to generate CNC programs from a 3D model using Autodesk CAM software. There’ll be milling of CAMMania parts, and additive manufacturing systems will make example 3D prints.

Autodesk is also the Technology Partner for the IMTS 2014 Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC; booth W-10). The AMC, which is designed to help you learn more about key manufacturing trends and technologies, will have five focus areas: Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Automotive 2025, Machine Shop Optimization and Data-Driven Manufacturing.

You can learn more about Autodesk CAM Solutions, what Autodesk will be demonstrating as well as where and what events Autodesk will participate in at IMTS 2014 by hitting today’s Check it Out link. After arriving on the landing page, make sure to hit the link and download a no-cost copy of Autodesk’s integrated CAM software for SolidWorks or Inventor. These are full-featured 2.5-axis CAM applications with basic milling and machining features like 2D roughing and pocketing, drilling, facing and contouring. They use the 64-bit, multi-core HSM CAM kernel and include simulation functionality and CNC program editing. Good stuff.

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
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