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Autodesk Certifies Okino Graphics

By DE Editors

Okino Computer Graphics’s (Toronto, ONT; www.okino.com), NuGraf and PolyTrans software products have received the Autodesk Inventor 9 Certification.

Okino, a provider of software for 3D photo-realistic rendering, visualization and data translation has been a registered Autodesk developer since 1995, and has allocated over two years to the development and refinement to its dedicated Autodesk Inventor import solution.

Certification by Autodesk, as per the Inventor Certified Applications Program validates the overall completeness and robustness of the Okino Inventor importer solution again, which was last certified for Inventor 8 in February 2004.

The Autodesk Inventor solution from Okino is designed to allow geometry, hierarchy and materials (assembly data) to be transferred from native disk-based Autodesk Inventor files, or from a running copy of the Autodesk Inventor directly into any Okino compliant program, such as NuGraf, PolyTrans, and via native plug-ins into Discreet’s 3DS MAX, and Alias Maya, among others. For more information on Autodesk’s certification, visit the Okino website at: http://www.okino.com/solutions/autodesk_inventor.htm.


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