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Autodesk Releases DWF Toolkit 7.5

By DE Editors

Autodesk (San Rafael, CA) announced the newest version of the DWF Toolkit 7.5, which provides APIs for reading and writing DWF files, the new Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS) compatible DWFx files. The toolkit includes cross-platform support (Windows, Linux) and 32-bit and 64-bit environment support. Also provided is the C++ source code. This version of the toolkit handles DWF files generated by AutoCAD 2009 (when released) and other Autodesk design software. Download the free DWF Toolkit.

Join the Discussion Group, and communicate with others who are using the DWF Toolkit. For more information, valuable tips, discussion groups, and reference materials, visit the Autodesk Developer Network.

Autodesk also announced an update for Productstream Professional 2009 with support for Inventor 11 in mid-May. It applies to Autodesk Inventor Professional 11 DWF Extension, Inventor Professional for Simulation 11, Inventor Professional for Routed Systems 11, Autodesk Inventor Professional 11, Autodesk Inventor Series 11 DWF Extension, Autodesk Inventor Series 11, and Autodesk Productstream Professional 2009. This update installs the Productstream Professional 2009 client for Inventor 11 enabling Inventor 11 to work with Productstream Professional 2009 servers.

Download a zip file on support for Inventor 11 (1011KB) from Autodesk.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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