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Avizo Combines with PCX for Superior 3D Imaging

By DE Editors

Visualisation Sciences Group (VSG) has announced its Avizo visualization software is being combined with PCX systems to deliver a new solution to visualize and analyze low-density materials. The company says the new solution has applications in materials science, microelectronics, food technology, earth sciences, and other industries.

Avizo Combines with PCX for Superior 3D Imaging

According to VSG, traditional x-ray techniques seriously limit imaging of very small or weakly absorbing features and make extraction of subtle textural information from the image extremely difficult. But PCX systems, developed and manufactured by XRT, are specifically designed to capture and retrieve both phase and absorption contrast, enabling high-contrast imaging of low-density materials. And because PCX is now combined with Avizo software, users get 3D visualization and quantitative analysis of micro-CT data, delivering a 3D imaging solution for challenging materials structure analysis.

High-resolution phase and absorption contrast phenomena play important functions in improving contrast for x-ray images with many types of weakly absorbing materials (that can either stand alone or be in the company of more dense structures), even with the most difficult low-contrast samples such as paper, plastics, composites, geo-polymers, metal foams, ceramics, food texture, and more.

The imaging geometry used in XRT’s PCX produces images containing both absorption and phase contrast components which, when combined, allow faint objects of similar atomic number, and small features, not otherwise visible to be imaged in detail.

XRT now offers Avizo software as an additional tool for advanced 3D visualization and analysis of microtomography data generated using PCX products. This combination of PCX’s X-ray phase contrast and Avizo’s 3D image processing technologies results in realistic 3D models. Users can take virtual sections through the sample and get enhanced and concise insight into the internal arrangement of components. The thickness, integrity, and registration of layered structures can reveal images of internal cracks, voids, and delaminations without destroying the sample.

“XRT chose Avizo because of its superior imaging and analysis capabilities, and also because of its ability to visualize the large data sets produced by high resolution micro-CT”, says Les Brownlow, COO at XRT. “Avizo’s extensive choice of standard imaging tools makes it particularly simple to visualize structures with widely different characteristics.”

Avizo software is a tool for visualizing, manipulating, and understanding scientific and industrial data. Avizo is used for materials characterization, materials microstructure evolution, surface analysis, quality control, nanotechnology, crystallography, industrial tomography, and non-destructive investigation. Features of the software include an intuitive workflow and easy-to-use graphical user interface.

For a free evaluation version, visit www.vsg3d.com/vsg_trial.php. More information is available at www.vsg3d.com.

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