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AXIOHM to Launch Panel Mount Printer

By DE Editors

AXIOHM (Montrouge, France) plans to extend its product range with the launch of ASTERON in early March. The company’s latest panel mount printer is dedicated to industrial, medical, and test & measurement applications.

The new printer combines AXIOHM’s known features of fast printing, robustness, large paper roll capability, Clamshell design — while benefiting from recent enhanced integration techniques.

The new printer is said to be easy to integrate due to multiple mounting points and a fast and innovative attachment system that enables you to simply clip the printer to any panel regardless of its thickness, thereby saving precious time when you need it the most.

ASTERON’s ergonomic cover-opening system with a locking mechanism prevents the door from opening unexpectedly. Its design ensures improved protection against spills and dust that might interfere with the printing process. This enhanced design makes ASTERON more reliable than its predecessors, for optimized durability.

This 5V device is applicable to medical, industrial, and test and measurement applications; available with or without an integrated controller board and supporting a dual RS 232 and TTL connection. With a translucent cover for monitoring paper consumption, ASTERON is available in charcoal or in white casing for medical environments and covers an array of applications (sterilization equipments, incubators, blood analyzers, autoclaves, etc.).

For details, go to AXIOHM.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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