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BEIRENS Rolls Out SimXpert Simulation Solution

By DE Editors

Chimney manufacturer BEIRENS has deployed MSC Software’s SimXpert  multi-disciplinary simulation solution to validate a range of loading scenarios for chimney structures like wind or seismic activities, in compliance with the EUROCODE norm.

In addition, BEIRENS plans to utilize MSC Software’s solutions to optimize their products by minimizing weight and production costs, and maximizing stability.

“The need to be compliant with the new EUROCODE norm, which requires manufacturers to validate a chimney’s structure under seismic and wind conditions, was a principal reason for BEIRENS to invest in new simulation tools,” said Benjamin Laurent, responsible for product and project development at BEIRENS. “SimXpert, along with the MSC Nastran solver, allows us to achieve the results required in addressing the complex seismic analysis responses. We found that SimXpert was the best solution for our needs in terms of price and performance.”

Engineers at BEIRENS not only use the solution for validation of their chimneys and integrated silencers under exceptional loads like earthquakes or explosions, but also to optimize the product structure, especially the behavior of contact parts in assemblies.

For more information, visit MSC Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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