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Bentley Releases STAAD.Pro 2007

By DE Editors

Bentley‘s Research Engineers Solutions Center (Carlsbad, CA) has released STAAD.Pro 2007, Bentley’s structural analysis program for static, dynamic, or pushover analysis of bridges, containment structures, embedded structures (tunnels and culverts), pipe racks, steel, concrete, aluminum or timber buildings, transmission towers, stadiums, and other structures.

The interoperable design software supports more than 70 international design codes. It addresses recent changes in European, U.S., and Southeast Asian design codes, and is suited for a variety of vertical applications, including plant, civil, and building.

Key features of STAAD.Pro 2007 include integration of RAM connection enabling users to analyze, design, and produce 2D drawings of simple and complex connections; integration of AutoPIPE so pipe stress engineers can integrate their piping model with the structural model and vice versa; importing of grids so that multiple construction grids can be used simultaneously to assist in laying out the initial framing, or an architectural grid can be imported from MicroStation or AutoCAD (with all of the layers and blocks intact) and used to trace the structural framing.  

Other features include Updated Design Codes, whereby a small P-d analysis can be performed taking into consideration cambering/imperfections in the model as well as a stress stiffening effect in linear or dynamic analysis; and other advanced analytical features like buckling, generation of traction loading to simulate fluids or other materials sliding in a bin or silo, and more.

For more information, visit Bentley’s STAAD.Pro 2007 website or learn about Bentley’s comprehensive structural solutions.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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