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Beta CAE Releases Version 17.1.0 of Software Suite

BETA CAE Systems has released version 17.1.0 of its software suite with new tools and capabilities to further augment functionality and facilitate CAE (computer-aided engineering) processes.

A new approach has been introduced in Model Browser for organizing model data in modular assemblies. Model organization entities (i.e., subsystems, simulation models) can identify and collect internal model set-up entities.

The Entity numbering scheme has been enhanced, allowing to optionally store elements and constraints of the same id. All loaded ANSA models can now be saved as individual ANSA databases, without activating each model first. Measurement entities can now be used as annotation anchors. Accepted values of user defined attributes can now be set and modified. Post actions (functions) can now be inserted for both CAD to ANSA Translators and Translator settings in ANSA.

Operations of ANSA in TOPO menu can now be recorded and repeated on another model. New capabilities include removing joined CONs, picking and joining single bound CONs recreating the underlying surface of the involved faces, further advances geometry fixing.

It is now possible to convert the nodal to property thickness and vice versa. The relevant script function is also supported. Diagnostic checks are performed during the automatic detection of Volume entities definition.

An optimized interface has been introduced n the NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) console. Furthermore, entities such as connectors, coordinate systems, beam stiffeners and rigid bodies can now be compared within the NVH Console.

Other features include

  • Kinetics: The calculation of nodal stresses/strains and modal displacements/velocities/accelerations on flexible bodies is now available.
  • Morphing: A symmetric copy for parameters defined on shell elements can now be created and improvements have been made in the Design change tool for Cross sections.
  • NASTRAN: The mapping of fiber orientation tensor is now supported.
  • Abaqus: Fluid-structural co-simulation is now supported, as is Eulerian analysis.
  • Moldex3D: the mapping of fiber orientation tensor is now supported.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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