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BETA CAE Updates ANSA and µETA

By DE Editors

BETA CAE Systems has released ANSA v13.2.2. The solution is available on MS-Windows, Linux and Mac OS only; support for the UNIX platforms HP-UX, IBM-AIX and SUN-Solaris has been discontinued. Support for Windows 2000 SP3 is also discontinued.

Among the new features: CAD data Translators use the new CT_2012 library; the zone of quadrilateral shells around the Bolt Connection realization can be parametrically defined based on the bolt connection diameter; the feature report tool within Mesh Parameters provides information for the detected features to be treated based on the settings that are used; and the VOLUMIZE function now considers the offset value for NASTRAN (ZOFFS) and Abaqus (OFFSET).

ANSA files saved by version 13.2.2 can be opened by v13.2.0, but not by older versions.

The company also released µETA v6.8.0 with new features and code corrections. The solution no longer supports UNIX platforms or Windows 2000 SP3.

New features include improved launching speed, a Search Engine toolbar integrated in the Command Line; new managers for handling Includes, Connections, Boundary Conditions, and Sets; and support for Abaqus CEL (Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangean) analysis and crack propagation results, visualized through automatically created isofunctions.

µETA v6.8.0 can only run with beta_lm_tools v6.0 or later. The latest beta_lm_tools version is v6.3. The .metadb files saved by the later versions of µETA are compatible and can be opened by earlier versions of µETA.

For more information, visit BETA CAE Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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