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BFB RapManPRO 3000 Multi-color 3D Printer Released

By DE Editors

BFB RapManPRO 3000 Multi-color 3D Printer Released

Technology Education Concepts (TEC) has announced the BFB RapManPRO 3000, developed by Bits From Bytes. The $3,395 3D printer is similar to the BFB RapManUSA 3D printer kit. However, unlike the RapManUSA, which must be built from a kit, the BFB RapManPRO comes fully assembled in a housing of brushed aluminum and stainless steel.

With the new NetFab Professional for RapMan process-software and its ability to carry three extruder-heads, the BFB RapmanPRO allows more complex build-parts with support, at a faster speed, and, the ability to build multiple models at the same time, using multiple colors.

The BFB RapmanPRO is designed for schools, colleges, and organizations seeking an affordable way to have a 3D printer.  At

Bits From Bytes is the developer of the RapManUSA and the RapManPRO.

For more information, visit the RapMan site.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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