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Biosensor Kit for Makers, Developers

A Portuguese company is offering a kit-based biosensor system for makers and product developers that provides a low-cost, fast way to test new medical device and health-related designs.

BiTalino is a modular biosensor kit that can be configured using any combination of several included physiological sensors. It can be directly connected to a variety of computing platforms (including Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi), or communicate via Bluetooth.

The kit was developed by Portugal-based PLUX-Wireless Biosignals, and the not-for-profit Instituto de Telecomunicações research center.

The sensors that come with the kit include an EMG for muscle activation, an EDA for skin moisture, a LUX light sensor for ambient light or for blood volume pulse data, an ECG for heart rate monitoring, and an accelerometer for limb movement.

It also comes equipped with an LED block, a microcontroller, and a power management block.

According to lead developer (and PLUX founder) Hugo Silva, the group wants to a provide a platform for rapid prototyping of biosignal-based projects. Hence the relatively low price of €149 (plus shipping and taxes). Customers have already come up with a moisture-monitoring flower vase that can tweet its status, as well as a steering wheel and a computer keyboard that monitor ECG data, among other designs.

Source: TechCrunch

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