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Bits from Bytes Releases New Axon Software

By DE Editors

Bits from Bytes Releases New Axon Software

Bits from Bytes, the British manufacturer of 3D printers, has developed new software for driving their printers.

Users of the RapMan 3.1 self-build kit and BFB 3000 machines can now use the Axon software to turn their 3D computer drawings into a solid object more easily, according to the company.

Built on the shareware software Skeinforge, the software will be supplied with all RapMan machines in future.

“Most of the users of the RapMan 3.1 are schools and colleges who use the rapid prototypers as part of their design and technology teaching,” says Bits from Bytes technical director Ian Adkins. “It enables students to create a solid object at a cost-effective price.

“People will still use other computer packages, especially the Netfabb STL file fixing software alongside Axon, but they will find tried and tested settings in Axon and some exciting ways to see their model from every angle on screen before printing,” Adkins continues.

The Axon software will be bundled with all future Bits from Bytes machines and anyone with an existing BFB printer can download an upgrade.

For more information, visit Bits from Bytes.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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