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BobCAD-CAM Releases New V23 CAD/CAM Suite

By DE Editors

BobCAD-CAM, Inc. (Clearwater, FL) released the latest version of V23 CAD/CAM software suite. V23 offers many new features, which enhance usability and functionality. From a usability perspective, the all-new graphical user interface is not only easier to work with, but sets a new standard in methods used by a CAM system to machine your parts.

As for functionality, some of the more notable new features include 4th Axis milling operations, laser, plasma, and water-jet posting as well as new pocketing/profiling optimization controls. It offers more than 15 major enhancements to the CAD design capabilities.

As with previous versions, the V23 core system is built for modular expansion, allowing users to customize their systems to their own needs. Add-ons are available for Lathe, Wire EDM, and Art functionality.

For details, contact BobCAD-CAM, Inc.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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