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BOXX Acquires Cirrascale

BOXX has acquired Cirrascale Corporation, a developer of multi-GPU servers and cloud solutions for deep learning infrastructure.

BOXX reports that it has added Cirrascale hardware to its line of multi-GPU systems, while its new subsidiary, Cirrascale Cloud Services, will provide GPU-as-a-service, enabling customers to load their own instances of deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet and Theano.

“Cirrascale is instantly recognizable as a leader in deep learning infrastructure, cloud services, and like us, a strategic partner of NVIDIA, so naturally, we’re excited to welcome them to the BOXX family,” said Rick Krause, BOXX CEO in a press release. “We now have a complete solution of world-class deep learning servers, development workstations, and cloud services for data scientists, researchers, and other professionals.”

Cirrascale Cloud Services offers a dedicated, bare-metal cloud service with the ability for customers to load their own instances of popular deep learning frameworks. This provides user access to the raw horsepower of a modern multi-GPU system. BOXX will manufacture the high performance rackmount systems featuring up to eight NVIDIA Quadro or Tesla graphics cards.

“With expertise in the development and manufacturing of high-performance systems, BOXX will now deliver deep learning solutions to customers worldwide while providing services and support to meet their needs,” said PJ Go, CEO, Cirrascale Cloud Services. “This enables our team to continue to expand our cloud services which have grown exponentially over the past year. Together, our companies will further accelerate the ever growing momentum of machine learning and artificial intelligence.”

For more information, visit BOXX.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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